More than a hired hand, I'm your business partner.

I’m Vineet Kukreti, a senior project manager working in US time zones. I help small business owners by leading the operations, building efficiencies and controlling quality so that you can focus on growing the business.

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Project Management

Facilitating seamless collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring clear communication, efficient decision-making, and successful project outcomes for small to mid-sized companies.


Specialized project management consultation, guiding small to mid-sized companies in optimizing stakeholder engagement, communication strategies, and project execution for exceptional results.


Swanand Mokashi
(Malaika Consultants)

I served as a project manager at Malaika Consultants, where I received commendation from Swanand Mokashi, the CEO and founder. He highlighted my contributions and shared our collaborative experience in a video.

Matthew Weitzman
(Swarm Digital)

I held the role of a project manager specializing in website development at Swarm Digital. Matthew Weitzman, the Managing Partner at Swarm Digital, not only commended my performance but also showcased our collaborative endeavours through a dedicated video.

Brent Carnduff
(Advisor Rankings)

I served as a project manager, stepping in for Brent's team during the primary project manager's absence. I streamlined processes and enhanced operations to boost efficiency. For insights into our collaboration, I suggest watching Brent's testimonial video.

MY background

With 11 years of extensive expertise as a seasoned project manager spanning various domains, I bring a wealth of diverse experience to the table. I hold a post-graduation degree in IT project management from Welignkar's Institute. Throughout my career, I have been instrumental in assisting small to mid-size agencies by assuming the pivotal role of a sole point of contact for all stakeholders. I firmly believe in the paramount significance of effective communication in driving project success.

Domain Expertise

Website Development
Digital Marketing
Market Research

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In 2013, I embarked on my professional journey as a Data Analyst, a role that ignited my passion for deciphering insights from raw information. Transitioning into Project Management, I channelled my analytical acumen to orchestrate successful endeavours across multifaceted domains. This expedition led me to contribute meaningfully within prestigious organizations, fostering growth and innovation at every turn.

The year 2021 marked a pivotal moment as I ventured into the realm of freelancing through Upwork. This platform provided a dynamic canvas to showcase my skills and collaborate with a diverse array of clients. The privilege of partnering with these exceptional individuals not only enriched my professional experience but also expanded my horizons.

I take immense pride in upholding an impeccable track record. My 100% 5-star rating on Upwork resonates as a testament to my unwavering dedication to delivering excellence. Each project undertaken is imbued with a commitment to not just meet expectations, but to surpass them consistently.

Work Approach

A project manager strategically guides tasks and teams to achieve project success.

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